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Tae Kwon Do

Our Particular style of Tae Kwon Do was originated back in 1945 by our founder Hwang Kee. Our school is a Tang So Do Tae Kwon Do school. In addition to our traditional curriculum that allows student to gain rank in our system, we also teach street practical self-defense and awareness. Through our time tested method of teaching, students will gain self-confidence, enhance self-esteem, increase their focus, utilize self-control and strengthen both their mind and body. Tae Kwon Do is available to all ages and ranks, six times per week.


Kali Classes

At FKADenver, we are proud to offer this dynamic Filipino Martial Art to to people all over the Denver area. This discipline has been adopted by military, law enforcement, and spy agencies around the world and we're making it more approachable than ever before.

We are proud to be an official Filipino Kali Academy that offers hands-on coaching and a safe, supportive environment where you can thrive from day one.

Come see us today to gain:

  • Improved situational awareness and reaction times to a threat

  • Striking and self-defense skills using sicks and edged weapons

  • Empty-hand striking skills and ground grappling transitions

  • Ground control and submission skills to help you come out on top 


Combative Martial Arts

The Combat Martial Arts class focuses on making our students effective in multiple ranges of combat, utilizing both empty hand and weapon techniques. This class is divided up between conditioning and technical training.



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